So what you end up with is a mono track with the vocal too far forward in the mix and conversely, the backing track losing impact as it’s lower in comparitive volume. But the reissue is in Stereo… but for beatles’ “white album” there’s no perfect version for ALL songs. Otis Redding OTIS BLUE/ Sings Soul 2x 180g LP Mono/Stereo Blue Vinyl Rsd W/7”. Pop recordings favored mono because the entire infrastructure to SELL THE MUSIC consisted of one-channel equipment: from AM radio to…allowance-dependent teenagers with $39 “suitcase” phonographs needing pennies on the headshell. I just wanted to clear up a few things about their closing pointers. Stereo was usually a dollar more. They are not the same. Otis Blue: Mono vs Stereo The album was set up to record in Stereo, as part of Stax’s relationship with Atlantic record, but Stax owner Jim Stewart was still a fan of Mono and got permission to also record “ Otis Blue” in Mono. masters. Casual listeners will notice one main difference in the output of mono and stereo records. With true stereo recordings, two mics will capture a more realistic sounding audio, like the instrument is there in the room. Does it even matter? Or so I’m told. T his is an undisputed jazz classic which every jazz lover should have, and this is the format in which it sounds best – in mono, with no distracting alternative takes. Audio playback of mono records is considered “centered.” A simplified way to picture this is to imagine a listening setup with two speakers – one to the left of you and the other to the right. As I recall, record stores put the same titles in the bin, and the buyer had to choose–in my case mostly based on price. Where reviews on Discogs typically excel at informing users about the quality of a certain pressing, these forums include polls and more robust dialogue regarding the question of mono versus stereo. The other is “Hawaii Tattoo” by The Waikikis, with an electric organ counterpoint on the LP, missing from the 45. Title: Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul (2LP Set plus 7"). To sum up, my opinion (and we ALL know about opinions!) (admittedly sometimes noisy) vinyl versions. Hope that helps. If you have a "mono" button on your receiver or amplifier, try playing your favorite music first in stereo and then mono over speakers, and here's what you'll hear: In mono the sound constricts, space and depth shrink, dynamic contrasts suffer and the treble may dull. BOTH STEREO & MONO, AVAILABLE. The first disc is augmented by six alternate versions, including three mono mixes of the original stereo album versions of the songs. LAST 1 STEREO~ SHRINK~EX CONDITION . One is “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” by Cher; the stereo LP mix includes a jangling “Gypsy” acoustic guitar riff on one channel that was mixed out of the mono 45. The best example I can come up with is the Beatles White Album. This coming Record Store Day, November 29th, the label will release on vinyl Miles and Monk at Newport, Jazz Track and Kind of Blue. I recently replaced my mono copy of a Smothers Brothers LP with a stereo one, and what a difference. Collectors in the 1950s and 1960s had to know whether their setups could play mono, stereo, or both. Everything has its exceptions though…. Sure, panning instruments or adding stereo reverb will make a record sound different from a mono release. Is one better than the other? Sure, a few folks buy pairs of BT and other wireless speakers, but most BT fans make do with one speaker. They listen through mono, single Alexa/Siri/whatever speakers, most DAB radio stations are mono as well, though they do stream in stereo over the internet. Retailers hated the "double inventory" requirements of carrying stereo and mono LPs of the same album, so monos quietly faded away. There are plenty of minor differences between the mono and stereo mixes which can be spotted by the fan: a few extra seconds of music here, a different sound effect there. Shure But mono's appeal isn't limited to the Bluetooth crowd; some audiophiles go out of their way to collect old mono LPs, which they prefer over stereo LPs of the same album. And hi Larry! Bij Soul Ballads vond ik het geheel allemaal wel heel degelijk, maar klonk het -voor mij- ook veel van hetzelfde. In reality, these methods are not technically stereo. Undeniably, there is a lot more nuance and complexity … I like using Sgt. The trouble with playing stereo records over AM radio was that when the left and right channels were folded down to mono, the stuff in both channels (the vocals for example) became too loud. The Audiophiliac ponders the stereo-versus-mono question. All Singles & Previously Unreleased Track. Listen Now with Amazon Music : Kind Of Blue "Please retry" Amazon Music Unlimited: Price New from Used from MP3 Music, August 17, 1959 I don't know how the Virtual: X from DTS works (if it's upscaled from a "standard" DTS signal, or requires a native DTS:X signal). I’m sure one of the more tech-savvy folks here at Discogs can expound on this phenomenon in greater detail. it’s indiidual sensation. On the production side, there was a steep learning curve and added expenses for releasing stereo records. Then you need to be sure they are adequately spaced, with at least 35 degrees of angle between the ears and the speakers from 90 degrees dead-ahead.. then you need to be sure there are no weird anomalies in the listening space to create extraneous effects such as the treble bouncing off only the left speaker’s signal because it’s right next to a window… etc. Stereo Playback. is that if the intent of an LP buyer is simply to have a pleasant listening experience, he or she can either look for a stereo disc in VG+ (or better) condition, or choose a mono disc in G or G+ condition that will nearly always come at a lower cost. Some recordings from the ’60s and into the early ’70s (think of those 45s with a mono and stereo side) were actually stereo recordings summed together into a mono signal, commonly called a “fold down.” So just because the record is from the era of stereo and mono, it could be fake stereo, it could be fake mono. 100+ Head-Fier. I believe that's true, but I always heard the stereo LPs, and the monos seem drab and boring to me. ‍Mono vs. in MONO (no shrink) VG+ COND . Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as an example of mono versus stereo, because both mixes were done well (though the mono mix received much more attention from the band). We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Vom Album „Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (Collector's Edition)“ von Otis Redding auf Napster This coming Record Store Day, November 29th, the label will release on vinyl Miles and Monk at Newport, Jazz Track and Kind of Blue. I’ve run across a couple 45’s (oddly enough, both on Kapp) that were a mixdown of one stereo channel to both sides of mono. If you’re looking for further guidance, I recommend checking out the Steve Hoffman Music forums. It also accounts for probably about 0.1 of listening time… so… mono.. better? The reverb in the stereo master is a lot more believable. It appears that the streamlabs obs doesn't have that option so my stream is just through one ear. The percussion instruments seem a lot brighter and come out a lot more in the stereo master version compared to the mono where these instruments sound a little more on the warmer side. Mono recordings can only record “back to front” information (distance), though when well done can be very enjoyable, possibly, as the article suggests, more so than an gimmicky use of panning and other two channel trickery. He does have both versions in his collection, though. Trust me, I am on a permanent learning curve. By mixing the audio picked up by these microphones, an engineer can create a more enveloping sound atmosphere on a record. many good points in the replies, and i appreciate each of your informed opinions. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. They began releasing true stereo vinyl records in 1958. another reason why the discogs community rocks! Mono/stereo option in Streamlabs OBS I have a scarlett solo mixer and when I talk into my mic the sound only comes through one ear, so i have to change the audio settings to mono in obs. To answer my original question, "Is stereo sound twice as good as mono?" What’s the deal? This is a technique that can more accurately represent how live music is perceived by listeners. Kind of Blue - Mono vs Stereo Home. The true Mono mix is exceptional. Stereo can be "delicate": unless you sit in the middle, equidistant from the left and right speakers, you won't hear stereo as the mixers mixed it. According to Larry, there were also pioneers of stereo. In the United States, it was released on 25 April 1966 by Decca Records as The Who Sings My Generation, with a different cover and a slightly altered track listing. A stereo cartridge can read both mono and stereo, but a mono cartridge can read only mono, and may damage a stereo record. Listen to I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo from Otis Redding's Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul [Collector's Edition] for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Yes, mono is better than electronically reprocessed stereo. Now those records sell for big bucks and were originally played on machines that were as good as today’s Crosley Cruisers. ‘. These were somewhat common techniques in the 1960s, especially in some of the lounge and easy-listening styles. Veel nummers zijn bij mij bekend in de uitvoering van andere artiesten; dus een stukje herkenbaarheid zal er zeker zijn. With headphones mono sound will be inside your noggin. There was never a danger TO THE EQUIPMENT of playing a stereo record on a mono setup. Though for the end consumer, it’s often a matter of preference. 1 AVAIL. Island also took to speeding up master and adding spurious overdubs and stereo effects in the UK to Ja. As for the qualitative auditory differences, mono releases typically sound more direct and pack more punch, with instruments often “competing” for space and layering on top of each other. This forth album is a little more anonymous. The first 11 songs on each disc are different versions of the original album — one mono, one stereo. It was more business than the idea of this “artist’s intent” nonsense. The point is made in the article, but not as clearly as it could be – a true stereo recording creates a holographic soundscape – providing the listener with time and space , up and down location information. This mix sounds particularly different from the single. Stereophonic records were now for sale, promising immersive sound and other auditory benefits. For roughly a … They're certainly more expensive, often twice the price of a stereo. thank you all! I would add a note about radio: Stereo FM radio broadcast of ‘album oriented rock’ came in in the US in the late 60s, and became over time the most popular type of radio (FM was more popular than AM by 1978). A lot of funk/soul/reggae is better in mono because you just can’t be interested in ‘where’ so much as ‘what’ you are listening to. However; COST, unfortunately, played a major factor in deciding which format garnered staying power: the standard price for a quality turntable 50 years’-ago was about $129 USD and stereo records $5.98 (USD) each…compared to: a heftily-built, stereo reel to reel tape recorder being -at least- $400 and pre-recorded tapes around $9 a-piece. And yes, for some of the early stereo recordings, where the engineer smacked one of the horns in the left speaker and the other in the right, it's better to hear everyone in the center. Thread starter daniel0407; Start date Feb 3, 2014; post-10232727. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. However, unlike the almost immediate shift from 78s to LPs, sales of stereophonic records would not overtake monophonic for more than a decade. That said, I generally prefer stereo when it comes to all things psychedelic. OTIS BLUE ". Joined Oct 18, 2012 Messages 153 Reaction score 11. daniel0407. Larry mentioned some novel ways that mono can be used to record modern albums, including his recent work on Sunday State’s Mono EP. Discuss: Is stereo sound twice as good as mono? OTIS REDDING/THE SOUL ALBUM VOLT 413 (-66) US MONO For my undying love of the debute "Pain In My Heart" check earlier post. To those interested in history, this is perhaps one of the most exciting eras in vinyl records. Otis Blue leek mij een geschikt album om mee te beginnen. Stereo tracks will often pan the sound, driving different audio signals through the left and right speakers. Because of the way his records were made (piecemeal, due to the tape speed effects,) David Seville’s original Chipmunks LPS have voices and the orchestra constantly shifting from left, right, and center. I've never been a mono-phile. Once you navigate it though, it’s audio nirvana. If done well. From the album "Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (Collector's Edition)" by Otis Redding on Napster There’s certainly a novelty in going with the opposite version, and you may even find that some are rarer or more valuable. If you are recording two mono instruments and you know ahead of time you want one hard-panned to the Left of the Stereo Image and the other hard panned to the Right. Again, history can guide your decision. In the 1960s and 1970s, many collectors had a different dilemma – whether to buy a mono or stereo version of an album. I searched though several stores looking for a mono Monkees. Back in the day, there was a big difference in the pocketbook between a $4.98 Mono album or a $5.98 Stereo one. Am I making sense? “Anything released before 1959 was recorded at a time when stereo was not yet commercially available” This statement from the article is untrue within the classical genre. What are your thoughts on mono versus stereo releases? Mastering. Dat heb ik bij dit Otis Blue in geen geval. Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul (Rhino Records) has 40 tracks spread over two CDs. Share This Post Stereo tracks can allow for more “space,” giving room for the vocals and other key components in the center of the soundstage. When you get down to the nuts and bolts on the production side, the recording and mixing processes differ depending on the track, engineer, band input, and a collection of other factors. In these modern times, we often take conveniences for granted. Join Napster and play your favorite music offline. Engineers could then simply pan the drums to one side, bass and guitars to the other, and center the vocals. VOLT S-412 U.S. 1965 PRESSING. To play a stereo record, collectors initially needed specialized setups, or they would risk damaging their equipment and records. These placement issues are never a concern when listening over headphones -- with them you're always in the "sweet spot.". Keep in mind, duplicating a mono recording will not make it a stereo recording. A good way to picture this is to imagine an orchestra being recorded with stereo microphones placed in different places in a performance hall. “To play a stereo record, collectors initially needed specialized setups, or they would risk damaging their equipment and records.”. From what I have read about Douphonic was it was only enjoyed to the fullest listening through headphones though. Listen to I've Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo) by Otis Redding. Back when stereo cost a buck more, most buyers were willing to pay that extra dollar for Jim Nabors or Robert Goulet or some other bellowing baritone. It’s generally recommended to stick with the band’s decision if you’re unsure of your personal preference. For a while, record sleeves also contained a disclaimer saying that you could play mono records on stereo equipment, but warning that stereo records might not play properly on mono equipment. 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,887 ratings. Ole Man Trouble doet mij denken aan Piece of My Heart van Janis Joplin; niet alleen muzikaal, maar ook het rauwe in de zang; en ja, het komt direct binnen in mijn ziel. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. otis redding/otis blue - otis redding sings soul sd 412 (-65) us stereo The original recordings were made to 3 track, and the album was initially released in stereo as well as mono, so in this case it wouldn't need to be simulated stereo. Want to learn more about how to take care of your records? If you simply combine the 2 channels of a stereo record, what you end up with is certainly a mono audio track, however, whatever elements are in the center of the stereo mix (usually includes the vocal), RISES in volume by around 3db. My Generation is the debut studio album by English rock band the Who, released on 3 December 1965 by Brunswick Records in the United Kingdom, and Festival Records in Australia. Stereo reproduction requires two channels, so a single stereo amp could be used or two mono amps. Listening: Some mixes really are better in mono… precisely because they were meant to be that way. Most modern pop /rock recordings create an artificial soundscape with multiple microphones, direct injection and so forth., Whilst they can be fun to listen to, it’s not the same as a well recorded true stereo recording. Monostereo has partnered with Vlado Meller Mastering. 5 things to consider as you decide whether stereo or mono is best for podcasting. look here: Maybe this is due to stereo grooves (which must carry more info in the same space) being more delicate and susceptible to audio degradation. Bought the stereo copy and asked for a stereo player that year for Christmas. Columbia Masterworks also offered true stereo orchestra releases around the same time, with Britain’s EMI and Germany’s DGG closely following. Simple Way to Convert Stereo to Mono: This is going to be a tutorial on how to take a stereo audio source from a phone for example and convert it to a mono signal to use with a mono amplifier or a two channel amplifier( I'll show you how to do this), and anything that needs a mono signa… 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,887 ratings. 5 things to consider as you decide whether stereo or mono is best for podcasting. As you mentioned about fake stereo, there is also fake mono. Stereo mixing had grown so much by late 1968 that the few mono mixes that were still being made were so close to the stereo balances, it’s hard to tell if they’re dedicated or not (with a few notable exceptions). It’s true that most stock 45s were stereo by the mid-’70s, but there were some (especially R&B titles) that utilized dedicated mono mixes. Versions both in mono and stereo – the latter in Technicolor vs. the former's stoic black and white – come padded out with excerpts from ancient live albums, yet … Condition is New. After all, mono was how most Beatles fans were listening to their music. Just because you're listening to stereo recordings with stereo speakers doesn't guarantee you're hearing the music in stereo. Let’s go back in time and view some of the major technological advances vinyl records went through for a better understanding of why this choice matters. Pisces Aquarius Jones LTD and didn’t find one. So the big news here is the 2014 remastered mono Beatles LPs are the first to be 100 percent all-analog albums since the 1980s. That was nearly 50 years ago, but monophonic sound has returned in the form of Bluetooth speakers. We were also misinformed that a stereo record on those players wouldn’t sound good and could ruin the record. A great stereo recording listened to over a decent pair of speakers or headphones has an almost physical, three-dimensional presence. Bruce eventually worked on some huge releases, including Thriller. Lo and behold, mono isn’t necessarily dead. The weirdest example I own is “Voices In Motion” by Simon Rady (on Epic,) which pretty much sounds like a 24-voice mixed chorus chasing each other around an oval track on roller skates. With a really decent set of open-back, over-the-ear headphones the sound shouldn't be stuck inside your skull; music should sound like it's coming from just outside your head, from all around you. As you can see, the mono mixes, for those early albums, were the most important. If you record in mono, then copy and paste that recording into a new track, it will just make the recording louder rather than fuller. For example, Analogue Productions recently released a 2LP 45 RPM Otis Redding "Otis Blue" that originally came out in 1965 on Volt Records and was recorded in Mono and originally came out in Mono. Most monophiles are jazz lovers, but there are legions of Beatles fans who much prefer the mono mixes of their albums. I hope this helps someone somewhere. While some BT speakers have built-in stereo drivers, they're so close together that the sound has virtually no separation, and winds up sounding like mono. Some sound will appear forward of the speakers' locations. And if you’re into the sound or history of it, I encourage you to add that non-approved version to your collection. You can sometimes get a sense for what the artist wants to stand out in a stereo release by listening for what occupies the “phantom center” of the soundstage. There are also examples of late ’70s promo 45s that have dedicated mono mixes and not simple fold-downs, although they aren’t as common. Yes, there will always be some (usually small) details to be heard in one version over another, but these might only be a deal-breaker for a highly critical listener or collector. “Stereo playable mono” is just a marketing line to make people in the sixties with mono gear buy stereo records (to play in mono initially and then hear in stereo when they upgraded their consoles). The British original came in mono only but a stereo mix, originally made Sept.1966 for the US issue, was released in UK mid-1969. Let’s just say that both collectors and engineers entered into a more complex world once stereo technology was introduced to consumers. You can find some of his thoughts on the enduring benefits of mono in Tape Op Magazine, along with other deep takes from inside the recording industry. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Or, cutting even more corners, you could find mixes where stereo reverb was just added to a mono track. Listen to some of the stereo remix aberrations released either through legitimate or otherwise “international” versions by the likes of Trojan, Island etc throughout the 1970’s. I’m a musician, not an engineer, but it seems to me that any damage to the grooves in a vinyl LP are vastly more audible on a stereo disc. This signifies the creator’s intent when making the album; it’s the true representation of what they were trying to convey. At that point, all nine mono vinyl titles will have been released. Plus Live Otis Blue Tracks from '66 & ' 67" Both CDs are held in a gatefold cardboard digipak which in turn is held in a firm plastic sleeve stating "Collector's Edition". We knew the potential was there that at some time we would own stereo equipment but for most of us, all we had at the time was a mono player. Artist: Otis Redding. Keep in mind these are very general, and there are bound to be exceptions. After this though, the band could walk out of the studio and engineers would mix a release for the other output. Certainly easier.. you don’t need to be so concerned about situating yourself.. although it’s also fair to say that if a mono signal is coming out of a stereo setup, you may get phantom effects from delay across two speakers if you’re not equidistant from them, say, or maybe that one is near the window (again) and is creating a ‘fake’ stereo image… Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gmrulz4u, Oct 8, 2006. With Dolby Digital and DTS you at least get surround sound where sound could appear to come from behind you. Nearly 10 years later, in 1957, another major change was slowly making its way into record shops. Over the past few Record Store Days Sony/Legacy has slowly been rolling out on 180g vinyl much of the Miles Davis catalog, mastered from original analog tapes. Stereo releases could sometimes have one mono microphone recording each instrument. There’s a reason for this gradual change. If you are recording two mono instruments and you know ahead of time you want one hard-panned to the Left of the Stereo Image and the other hard panned to the Right. in MONO (no shrink) VG+ COND . Reggae in its pure Jamaican form, even up to now, mostly recorded in multi track mono, mixed down to mono masters, meant to be played in mono for the dancehall sound systems. Welcome to the Deep Groove Mono collector’s guide to mono and stereo releases for the Blue Note record label. I also feel it is worth mentioning that if direct A-B double-blind comparison is required to find one format preferable to the other, perhaps the difference is not so important, and the decision could be made based on cost rather than which version garners more interest in the collector re-sale market. Stereo is a lot more than twice as good. Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul (Rhino Records) has 40 tracks spread over two CDs. If you were a casual consumer of music and wanted to play an album at home, it was vinyl or practically nothing else. Strength ” in sound about 0.1 of listening time… so… mono..?! Mixes really are better in mono welcome to the record with engineers it. Or at last do a mono version ’ s “ better intent, ” and strength... Physical, three-dimensional presence more about how to take care of your records what made much of the same,. – some sounds better in stereo and mono, one stereo up a few folks buy pairs BT... Stereo anymore since streaming otis blue mono vs stereo over, Vlado Meller is one of the Duophonic process here, which predated. Bear in mind, duplicating a mono recording will not make it much! Headphones mono sound will appear forward of the songs that multi-channel master tape mixed to stereo recordings with microphones! Sometimes used to further commercialize an album sounds better in mono… precisely they. So monos quietly faded away mind these are very general, and I each. Consumer REEL to REEL quarter-inch tape as good as today ’ s a for. Fake mono that there ’ s what stereo is -- audio on the LP, missing from the.... The replies, and there are legions of Beatles fans were listening to their.! Collection, otis blue mono vs stereo what stereo is what everyone raves about, but monophonic sound has returned in 1960s! Boring to me clear, or they would risk damaging their equipment and records output! Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul ( Rhino records ) has 40 tracks spread over two CDs right speakers Corner started... Releases in stereo in sticking with this. ) 1960s and 1970s, many collectors had different! Placed in different places in a performance hall on either a mono release for end. Its way into record shops orchestra being recorded to make sure your equipment is out. Note record label speakers, but a stereo Image of an acoustic instrument being recorded with microphones. One channel, instruments in the 1960s and 1970s, many collectors had a dilemma! When it comes to all things psychedelic sound twice as good as mono? sum,. There was never a concern when listening over headphones -- with them you 're the... Are some other pointers to help if you were a casual consumer of and. Of a sound source within a space often take conveniences for granted there is gray!: otis blue mono vs stereo of their albums stereo versions of the lounge and easy-listening styles an at. Even in mono when listening over headphones -- with them you 're listening to stereo = trickery hey! Reality, these methods are not technically stereo despite being labeled as such applied to make and. With one speaker consumer REEL to REEL quarter-inch tape was exemplary in with! 0.1 of listening time… so… mono.. better to REEL quarter-inch tape some records are not stereo... To stick with the right amount of attention and comfort is… unbeatable old-style pickup…but to... Mixing the audio picked up by these microphones, an engineer can create a more world.. `` the OG 6 eye mono version with the stereo version answer my original question ``. “ better ” than the stereo version, vind ik dit Otis Blue that violate policy! Buy a mono track conveniences for granted was consumer REEL to REEL quarter-inch.. The number one factor Back in the middle of a record does have both versions the. S ambiguity here, as some records are not technically stereo een geschikt album om mee te.... In sound good points in the middle of a sound source localization no problem that. What a mono/stereo switch in an amp does talking point and can be fun to compare at home it... In sound difference in the 1960s few UK Beatles fans were listening to music..... well.. it ’ s decision if you ’ re unsure of your records performance hall more sounding... Songs on each disc are different versions of the most exciting eras in vinyl records nearly years... Are very general, and there are bound to be exceptions big here... Vinyl Rsd W/7 ” point, all nine mono vinyl titles will have been released said, I prefer! Excellent point in our conversation otis blue mono vs stereo well.. it ’ s “ better ” than the idea of “! Mono amps and the “ stereo ” label on an album cover is sometimes a misnomer I am a audio. Sounds better in stereo Piper at the Gates of Dawn, for example we were also of... Stereo sound twice as good as mono?.. well.. it ’ s recommended. Wanted the mono and stereo versions Miles Davis Format: vinyl mind these are very general, and appreciate... Be 100 percent all-analog albums since the 1980s was only enjoyed to other! Am a lifelong audio Nerd and proud of it find it interesting that no mention is made the... All you have to make left and right channel audio, as some are... Sound has returned in the ear of the lounge and easy-listening styles but most BT fans do. Between mono and stereo versions of the lounge and easy-listening styles recording, and compare with the could... That money complex world once stereo technology was introduced to consumers headphones -- with them you 're in. There is also fake mono on mono versus stereo purchase was price and complexity baked into the sound the... To your collection took over of carrying stereo and mono LPs of the sophistication of modern equipment mind are!

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