Select Layer By Attribute (Data Management) In this topic. Right-click the selected layer in the Table Of Contents and select Open Attribute Table. [attribute$=”str”] Selector: The [attribute$=”value”] selector is used to select those elements whose attribute value ends with a specified value str. [attribute*=”str”] Selector: The [attribute*=”str”] selector is used to select that elements whose attribute value contains the specified sub string str. CSS to put icon inside an input element in a form. How to apply two CSS classes to a single element ? Using Select by Location. * wildcard can also be referred to as containing a wildcard. How do I look for the attribute itself, with a wildcard? If a string contains that character, using it in Select by Attributes requires an escape character. Compare this selector with the Attribute Contains Word selector (e.g. The attribute selector can be used on any valid element attribute – id, class, name etc. Example of using escape characters to select records containing a character normally read as a wildcard: It selects similar type of class name or attribute and use CSS property. Get values associated with a specified attribute or multiple attributes … From the type drop-down menu, select the file type which you want to search. You can click the button to enter the wildcard into the expression you're building. How to set the default value for an HTML