This is a coastal delicacy and is a must try recipe in menu. Read More…. Email This BlogThis! In a wide mixing bowl, add red chilli, turmeric powder, coriander powder, lime juice and required salt. Boil red chillies in water. fish is marinated in a spice paste, coated with semolina (rava) and then shallow fried. This fish fry can be served as a side dish along with LADY FISH CURRY or DALI TOY. Along with fried fish, the default food they serve here is steaming hot brown boiled rice, veg dish of the day and fish curry cooked to perfection. Ladyfish fry recipe | Kane Rava fry recipe – tasty shallow fried fish, marinated with spices and coated with semolina (rava) is a Mangalorean delicacy and a must try recipe. Vinegar – 2 tbsp (just enough to make it a paste) Salt. Spread semolina / rava in a plate. Heat tawa/ griddle pan and add about 2 tbsp of oil. Kane rava fry, tawa fry, masala fry being some varities. Oil to shallow fry in. Lady fish fry or kane rava fry – fish is marinated in a spice paste, coated with semolina (rava) and then shallow fried. When I talk about seafood restaurants of Mangalore, the one name that pops first is hotel Narayana. Strain the chillies and grind them to a thick paste. Filed Under: Appetisers and Snacks, Mangalorean recipes, Seafood recipes Tagged With: ginger, lady fish, rice flour, Lovely recipe. So we do not have to clean them again. 4- Marinate the fish with prepared paste and allow it to rest for about 15 mins. Then add the fish and mix well. May be so it is called lady fish . Fish fry or Chepa Vepudu, is a popular South Indian food recipe, fish simmered and marinated in an awesome spicy masala and cooked to perfection. We just rinse the fish couple of times in water, till it comes clean. Kane fish Rava fry After trying out different recipes for fish fry, this recipe of fish rava fry was appreciated by everyone at home :) Ingredients. The paste should be of spreadable consistency. Marinate the fish with prepared paste and allow it to rest for about 15 mins. If the fish has been cooked, it just takes about 4-5 minutes for the fish to cook, remove and keep it aside covered. And we do visit local fish market, buy fresh fish from fish mongers after lots of bargaining, and prepare these delicacies at home and relish them with family. In this kane rava fry recipe, I have used same ingredients as in king fish rava fry recipe, except rice flour which gives crispy texture to fish. Happy Cooking with Bawarchi! There should be no standing liquid or any visible dry cornstarch. 3. Seer fish fry/ anjal fry, pomfret fry, mackerel fry/ bangude fry, lady fish fry/ kane fry are must try’s from their menu. If you want to make authentic Bangda fish fry at home, try this recipe by the famous Gajalee restaurant of Mumbai. My husband’s family does this and since in our current area, they aren’t as easy to find, I had to create one of our own. Remove to paper towel to dry. - salt, ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, turmeric, garam … Once oil is hot fry fish in medium flame, till rava turns golden brown. Kane rava fry is served across all restaurants in Mangalore region. Fish Fry - Crispy coated fish recipe by Chef Jalal is a must try recipe for dinner or lunch appetizer. Keep coconut oil in a flat vessel and fry onion, until brown. Semolina/rava – 2 cups. Here we have availability of fresh seafood and wide with range of options too. Coat the fish with bread crumbs or rava before frying (optional). Ingredients: Ladyfish (Kane) – 1 kg. Required fields are marked *, I'm Chaitra, the face behind My food Tales, recipe developer, writer, photographer of this website. Lady fish is known as kane (read as kaa-ne) in Mangalore – Udupi region. Leaving fish pieces to swim around in buttermilk beforehand neutralizes the “fishy” odor that comes with catfish while also removing any lingering muddy flavors. Her hometown in Jharkhand is has always been an inspiration, and influences her cooking. To make tamarind paste soak tamarind in hot […] Jan 5, 2020 - Nagli(Kane) fish fry | Lady fish tawa fry is a spicy and tangy recipe. KANE RAVA FRY. Set aside. Add 1/4 tsp haldi powder and salt for 1 tbsp red chilli powder with a little vinegar to make a paste. For the chilli paste: 1. In a flatten pan add oil,handfull of curryleaves anf drop the marinate fish & Shallow fry for 3to 4 mins.And take out the fish from the pan. Fry about 2-3 minutes on each side-will be lightly golden brown. Add the following ingredients to a plate. Enjoy with green chutney or ketc ... Related Searches: Fish Fry. 1- We get our fish cleaned from fish market. This recipe has the perfect ratio of savory and spicy, which separates a “meh” catfish fry from a crowd-wowing one. 5- Spread semolina / rava in a plate. Add,garlic paste gingers, salt, lime juice, egg, and corn flour. Add To Favorites English Recipe Views: 22742 Rated: 11 times Fish Fry Provided by: Chef Shireen Anwar | Category: Seafood Fish. Chilli powder – 2 tbs. Pour 1/2" oil into a large fry pan and heat to about 360 degrees. Mix enough water to the masala to make it into medium consistency. Set aside for 10 minutes before adding the cornstarch and tossing to coat. Mangalore is very famous for its seafood delights. How to Pan-Fry Fish in 5 Steps This step-by-step tutorial is based on Jeannie's Kickin' Fried Fish recipe from Allrecipes Community Member crabbyjean. Keep adding about tsp’s of oil in between frying fish, so they will turn crunchy and will not be dry. Presenting to you the most popular Indian food website that has a huge collection of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipes from India and around the world. Any South Indian non vegeterain recipe is never complete without a masala fish fry. Chettinad Fish Fry recipe- How to make chettinad fish fry Nithi's Click n Cook garlic, curry leaves, pepper corns, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and 7 more Fish Fry Masala Recipe, Fish Tawa Fry | Masala Fish Fry Yummy Indian Kitchen Once oil is hot fry fish in medium flame, till it turns golden brown. 3- Add little water and mix, to make it to spreadable consistency. When the masala boils add the cut fish and keep on slow fire until cooked. Fish fry recipes are plentiful, it seems that every family has one and the recipes for the beer battered fish vary between regions. An interesting way to make the fish more crispy, you can sprinkle some rice flour or gram flour, this will give a nice crunch texture to the fry. Ingredients For the main preparation Red chilli paste 4 lady fish Refined oil A plate of semolina Chilli paste 2 Tbsp cornflour 200 gm red chilli 11/2 tsp salt 4 tsp ginger garlic paste 2 eggs 4 Tbsp lime juice Method Boil red chillies in water and strain the chillies and grind them to a thick paste. Chana masala recipe|chickpea curry recipe, Goli baje recipe | Mangalore bajji recipe | how to make goli baje, Chicken ghee roast recipe | Restaurant style chicken ghee roast. Add the ground masala with salt to taste. My wife and friends really loved it , Your email address will not be published. Lady fish is called in different names in south indian kitchen. Take the 1tsp of this masala & apply this to fish & marinate about 30mins. New recipes, tips and more from our kitchen to yours! This fish has a naturally strong flavour, and when fried, its flesh turns soft and juicy, and its skin becomes crispy. Method: Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade. They are very famous for their fried fish delicacies. ** Fish hardly takes time to cook, so just before you add on the fish to the curry, prepare the tempering in another burner by keep a small pan with the oil and the finely chopped onions for frying. Fish Stir-fry Recipe Instructions. Posted by Unknown at Wednesday, July 16, 2014. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Kane/Lady fish – 6 descaled and properly cleaned. But each one have their own favourite here. Here’s an easy fish fry recipe that you can prepare at home using some simple steps given below. Transfer to a bowl, and add Shaoxing wine, salt, white pepper and canola oil. Clean and cut the fish. Add all the ingredients except the fish and curry leaves into a blender and grind to a smooth paste. Dip each fillet into batter, dripping off extra. How to Make Kane Fried (Lady Fish) For red chilli paste: Add 1/4 tsp haldi powder and salt for 1 tbsp red chilli powder with a little vinegar to make a paste. It’s a simple yet delicious recipe. LadyFish extremely tasty variety of fish which is available in all seasons in Mangalore. How to Make Kane Rava Fry. Mix red chilli paste, turmeric powder, vinegar and salt and apply it on the fish. Coat both sides of fish with semolina (rava). I am always a fan of fish in any form or kind, but I always find the small fish variety are more tastier and crisp when it comes to fish fry. Remove from oil and place the fish on absorbent paper. An IT professional, Sushmita loves spending time developing new recipes. Thanks to your recipe, it turned out to be a huge hit. In a flat frying pan, heat oil and slide the fish side by side to fill the pan. This fish contains high amount of important nutrients. First of all, clean the fish and coat it with the mixture of lemon juice, salt and red chilly paste and then marinate it for an hour. Kane fish - 4 nos; salt; Lemon juice of 1 big lemon; chiroti rava - 2 tbsp ( finest small rava) For the marination. Heat oil in a shallow pan (deep pan if you are deep frying). We provide you with easy and delicious recipes with simple, step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free cooking experience. 6- Heat pan and add about 2 tbsp of oil. Anjal rava fry recipe | King fish rava fry recipe, Bangude pulimunchi recipe | spicy mackrel gravy recipe, Goan mackerel cutlet recipe | bangda cutlet recipe, Amritsari macchi recipe | fish amritsari recipe, « Anda bhurji recipe | spicy egg bhurji recipe, Kesari bhath recipe | rava kesari recipe ». 7- Fry both sides till golden and serve it hot. lady fish, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice / tamarind water, coconut oil, semolina, rice flour. In a small bowl mix, red chilli powder, rice flour, turmeric powder, salt, ginger garlic paste , lime juice adding little water to a smooth paste. This recipe taste best when fresh tamarind is used. Heat the oil, roll the marinated fish in the rava and fry in oil , till cooked.It will take little less than 8 minutes. Mix until all the fish is coated. Mangalore is very famous for its seafood delights. lady fish fry, mangalorean seafood recipes, medium size lady fish / 300 grams / 66 lbs. Kane Fish Fry. Once the onions to be tempered have been evenly browned add them onto the curry, cover and keep aside for a about 20-30 minutes … But the most essential element is seasoning your fry batter. Pat your fish filet dry and cut into 1½ inch pieces. Today I spotted the fish in the market. Flip to other side and fry till is nice golden. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve hoth with"chips" (fries). Marinade: Chilli powder – 2 tbsp (just eye ball it) Turmeric – 1 tsp. Your email address will not be published. Sprinkle a little water to make a paste-like consistency. Don't wait for an occassion to relish and delve into the flavours of this crispy fish. In the US, fish fry recipes are often associated with the Easter holiday where “fish fry Fridays” are held every week. Corn flour - 1tbsp; Red chillies and garlic paste ( Red chillies - 5 , Garlic cloves - 8-10 cloves,corianderleaves. One of the must try if you visit Mangalore. Coat both sides of fish with semolina (rava). Serve as appetizer. I have always wanted to try making rava kane fry since I had it in Karwar. Watch recipe video of Gajalee's Bangda Fry: (Also Read: How To Make Bengali-Style, Authentic Fish Fry At Home) Coat the fish well and keep aside for a couple of hours. 240 calories, 9 grams fat. Home » Seafood » Kane Fish Fry. Here you'll learn step-by-step how to fry fish at home. Place into pan and do in batches to avoid overcrowding. Serve this kane fry with hot steamed brown rice and dal for a perfect Mangalore style meal. If turns dry, add a tsp of oil and continue frying. There are dozens of restaurants serving good seafood in Mangalore region. 2. Each time we visit Mangalore, we feast these delicacies in our favourite restaurant. Being a coastal region has made seafood, a prominent part in its cuisine. Copyright © 2021 My Food Tales on the Foodie Pro Theme, Lady fish fry recipe | kane rava fry recipe. This is a coastal delicacy and is a must try recipe in menu. Coat the masala on all sides of the fish and marinate for at least 30 mins. It is a white fish with silver scales, which looks very clean. 2- In a small bowl mix red chilli powder, rice flour, turmeric powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, lime juice to a smooth paste. How to Make Simple Fish Fry. Clean fish and wash it twice to thrice.

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