Even though Kolkata today is adapting to contemporary architecture and infrastructure, the colonial and post-colonial architecture, the trams and its rich culture give us a glimpse into the era gone by. Kolkata Cities of British Colonial Architecture. ; The area, which is south of the Maratha Ditch, was full of ponds and ditches and spreads of jungles or “Hogla” Trees. Architecture Features of the monument: It is a massive big . Lutyens Bungalow – rachaelvoorhees via Flickr However, colonial architecture became almost synonymous with that introduced by the British, since they occupied the largest territory. One of the finest and earliest colonial architecture, the Raj Bhawan is a splendid palace situated at the heart of the city, in the vicinity of two busiest places of the city, namely B.B.D. The British colonized India for over 200 years, and cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai are home to notable Victorian-era buildings. A Study on the Colonial Monuments of British Era of Kolkata, India Mesaria S. 1 and Jaiswal N. 2 Department of Family and Community Resource Management, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajirao University ... with a special focus on the Raj and Kolkata. KOLKATA 1852-56. Bagh and Esplanade. kolkata architecture -british period 1. kolkata (english colonial architecture) sonakshi bhattacharjee(114ar0024) mithilesh mandal (114ar0006) suchetana chakravarty(114ar0025) 2. timeline 3. wrighter’s building place –kolkata (1777-1906) designed by thomas lyon 4. architectural context 5. Photograph: Sanjoy Ghosh. Be it the High Court of the city designed in neo-gothic structure by Walter Granville or the BBD Bagh area also known as Dalhousie Square, Kolkata’s architecture never fails to enchant the tourists. The great tank of Dalhousie Square was developed as an administrative centre. The city reminiscent of the ambitious colonial capital is today grappling with lot … It has been the official residence of the Governor of West Bengal. Vernacular architecture slideshare. Vernacular architecture. French Architecture: 1673-1954 Secretrait House Dutch Pratapaditya Road in the historic neighbourhood of Bhowanipore, South Kolkata. Kolkata's colonial architecture in 6 impressive buildings. Colonial architecture is an architectural style from a mother country that has been incorporated into the buildings of settlements or colonies in distant locations. But Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, was the capital of India for 39 years during the British rule, and it remains the top spot to see colonial architecture, a must-see city for architecture lovers to include on their India itineraries. Kolkata’s administrative buildings are known for distinct colonial style. ... Kolkata. Colonists frequently built settlements that synthesized the architecture of their countries of origin with the design characteristics of their new lands, creating hybrid designs. However, the cities that are landmarks of the British architectural history are Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra, Delhi, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhopal and Karachi. Art Deco Architectural Style of Bombay Flora fountain is a good example of Art Deco architectural style The Bascilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa Se Cathedral, Goa -Architectural sttle of British period is very prominent in Delhi. Many cities have some or the other influence of the colonial architecture. Cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai have fair share of British colonial architecture still present, so let us take a look at all such buildings, and their significance. The Martha ditch got converted to be the Circular road all along the city as a city boundary till the mid 19 th century. Large populations of chinese, armenian, jewish, and other immigrant communities have all called kolkata home, and the city’s stunning architecture pays testament to its social, political, and cultural richness.

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